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Frank Jossi

St. Paul-based Frank Jossi writes about renewable energy and energy policy, development, politics and the arts. He's a journalist, editor, educator and writer of case studies, white papers, reports and other materials. In a pinch,he also takes photographs. His career includes teaching on two Fulbright scholarships and receiving a Humphrey Fellowship from the University of Minnesota.


Building Blocks: Hyatt Place St. Paul/Downtown

Property description: Hyatt Place shares the former United States Post Office building in downtown St. Paul with the new Custom House apartments. The 149-room upscale hotel – part of the building’s $120 million renovation – occupies five floors of the east side and can be accessed through the same front entrance apartment residents use on Kellogg Avenue.
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Nation’s largest PACE project nears completion in Minnesota

In downtown St. Paul the historic First National Bank Building and two neighboring properties have been collectively retrofitted with new heating, cooling and lighting technology paid for through the largest energy efficiency financing packages likely ever assembled in the country. The energy savings alone from the project would, according to one estimate from Xcel Energy, power 1,235 average residential homes, a population greater than many Minnesota communities.
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Sustainable: A triple LEED for Mall of America

When architects and planners first began designing the Mall of America’s new retail, office and hotel complex, they found clients who wanted to make the three joined buildings energy-efficient enough to achieve certification from the United States Green Building Council. Part of the reason was that the Bloomington megamall’s Canadian owner, Triple Five Worldwide, had been running a pretty efficient operation for many years yet had received barely any recognition for the effort.
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A Twin Cities apartment owner bets big on solar energy

A new solar installation added to the parking garage roof of a Twin Cities apartment building the largest investment in renewable energy at a multi-family housing site in Minnesota. The 148 kilowatt (kW) project at CityVue Apartments in Eagan sits a top a parking lot next to the 11-story, 113 unit building.
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Three Minnesota sites plan future net zero neighborhoods

Three sprawling development sites in the Twin Cities that are expected to see thousands of new residents and billions in investment in the next decade are planning for a net-zero future. Each of the sites will likely feature district energy systems, encourage or require efficient buildings and be powered to a large degree by renewable energy.
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Sustainable: Electric car charging stations catching on

Phoenix on the River condo board member Mark Nissen grew interested electric cars after a few residents put down deposits on Tesla S models and wanted to know what the options would be for charging their vehicles. “We want to learnwhat the best practices are for charging electric cars so we can avoid having all these cords lying around when they want to charge up,” he said.
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Building Blocks: Anytime Fitness Headquarters

Property description: At Anytime Fitness’ new headquarters, employees can stop off and get a free “Runningman” tattoo in the company’s tattoo parlor on Thursdays. That’s corporate branding, so to speak, in a big way, and it represents Anytime Fitness’ goal of creating a shared mindset among employees, franchisees and the members.
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A low-income St. Paul neighborhood has an ambitious energy plan

A nonprofit housing developer in St. Paul is embarking upon an ambitious plan to create a net zero community that would include a solar garden in one of the city’s poorer neighborhoods. Dayton’s Bluff Neighborhood Housing Services has been creating a net zero plan for Railroad Island, just northeast of downtown St.
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Sustainable: The greening of the hospitality sector

The “Stay Well” brand of green hotel rooms at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas have been wooing patrons with as much success as the most popular shows on the Strip. The rooms routinely sell out as guests luxuriate in rooms with air-purification systems, shower in water infused with vitamin C, relax in an aromatherapic space, eat from a nutritional menu approved by the Cleveland Clinic and wake to a dawn simulator clock.
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Sustainable: LEDs lighten utility bills for businesses

Last winter Opportunity Distributing Inc. spent about $11,000 to change lights in its Minnetonka warehouse to LEDs. The move has created a brighter space, a smaller utility bill and a more comfortable indoor environment. Working with the Minneapolis-based Center for Energy and Environment, owner Chuck Welle said he had two replacement options, fluorescent bulbs or LEDs for the 9,000-square-foot warehouse at 15408 Minnetonka Industrial Road, where his information technology re-marketing company is located.
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Sustainable: Crunching numbers on buildings’ energy use

This year’s response rate for Minneapolis’ energy-efficiency benchmarking program is among the highest in the nation, with 94 percent of targeted property owners submitting annual energy and water data to the city. The city contracts with the Center for Energy and Environment on the benchmarking program.
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Q&A: Conservatives debate clean energy approaches in Minnesota

Some conservatives, concerned they’re being left behind in the clean-energy discussion, have begun to show a growing interest in renewable energy and public policy at both the state and federal level. State organizations have formed to promote a free market view of energy, and national advocacy groups have become more forceful in the debate, as seen a forum held last week at the Republican convention.
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Frank Jossi

Here’s a summary of what I do:
Articles, profiles, stories for the media, in-house publications and web sites
Content for social media — Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin
Case Studies, including design and search engine optimization
White papers, including design and SEO
Marketing materials — brochures, web sites, themes
Media planning
Coverage areas: Health care information technology, general information technology, law, politics.

My background includes reporting, editing, teaching and program managing an international press institute. As a volunteer I work for environmental organizations and serve on a neighborhood council.