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Frank Jossi

St. Paul-based Frank Jossi writes about renewable energy and energy policy, development, politics and the arts. I am a journalist, editor, educator and writer of articles, case studies, white papers, reports and other materials. In a pinch, I take photographs. My career includes teaching twice abroad on Fulbright scholarships and receiving a Humphrey Fellows from the University of Minnesota. For more information see


In Minneapolis, low-income neighborhoods see influx of clean energy investment

The city’s “green zones” program aims to encourage solar and energy efficiency projects while preventing gentrification. Minneapolis is starting to see an influx of solar installations in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods, an early result of a new program to target investment in those areas without displacing existing residents and businesses.
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Minnesota utility wants to offer customers renewable natural gas option

CenterPoint Energy’s proposed pilot program faces opposition from state officials and clean energy groups. A Minnesota utility’s proposal to offer renewable natural gas under a voluntary green tariff pilot program faces opposition from state officials and clean energy advocates who see better ways to decarbonize the economy.
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In Minneapolis-St. Paul, the days of diesel buses may be numbered

After adding a mix of electric and diesel buses over the next three years, the agency could go all-electric after that. The transit agency serving the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro unveiled a plan Monday to pivot toward an all-electric future — weather permitting. Metro Transit officials have questions about how electric buses will perform in Minnesota’s winters, but they want to add as many as 125 of them over the next four years, after which they may stop buying diesel buses altogether.
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Solar entrepreneur aims to bring jobs, training to North Minneapolis

Jamez Staples has big dreams of bringing clean energy — and its economic benefits — to his underserved and racially diverse Minneapolis neighborhood. The 39-year-old solar entrepreneur recently bought and is working to reopen a shuttered state workforce center as a clean energy job training hub in an area of town that’s long been isolated from such opportunities.
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How land under solar panels can contribute to food security

Honey producers Travis and Chiara Bolton keep bees at three solar farms where developers seeded native plants underneath and around panels. “The advantage to these sites is that they are intentionally planted for pollinators,” says Travis Bolton. “At these sites they’re really trying to get them back to a native prairie, and that’s a benefit to us.”.

Solar Farms Produce Power—and Food

From Ensia (find the original story here); reprinted with permission. At a recent solar energy conference in Minneapolis, attendees unwound at happy hour tasting free pints of a local honey-based India Pale Ale called “Solarama Crush.”. Minnesota-based 56 Brewing makes the smooth IPA using honey from hives located on solar farms outside the Twin Cities.
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Sustainable: Plugging energy into construction planning

On Mayo Clinic’s campus in Rochester, one of the first health care buildings in the country to use “performance-based procurement” has begun to take shape. Performance-based procurement makes energy efficiency a priority in planning new buildings. In the case of the 155,000-square-foot addition to the Generose Building on Mayo’s St.
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Minneapolis studying on-bill financing for efficiency projects

A study will look at how the city could use utility bills to expand access to energy efficiency programs. The city of Minneapolis is exploring an emerging model for paying for energy efficiency improvements through customers’ utility bills. Supporters of “inclusive financing” say it can help broaden access to energy efficiency programs, which often fail to reach renters, lower-income customers, and those with poor credit scores.
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Cogeneration advocates take aim at Midwest utility standby charges

Minnesota takes the lead with reforms advocates say will bolster the case for combined heat and power plants. Several Midwest states are taking a new look at a long-ignored utility charge that efficiency advocates say discourages investment in combined heat and power plants. Standby charges are meant to cover the cost for utilities to provide backup capacity when combined heat and power (CHP) systems are offline, but critics say the charges often exaggerate the expense.
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Can Sioux tribes pull off largest ever clean energy project on tribal land?

The Oceti Wind Project aims to overcome financial, cultural and bureaucratic barriers to tribal renewable development. Lyle Jack had long wondered how his Oglala Sioux community could take advantage of its location on the remote, windswept plains of South Dakota. The tribal economic development manager dreamed of bringing wind energy development to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.
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Sustainable: Port Authority aims for net-zero warehouse

Wanted: Company looking to construct a 60,000-square-foot warehouse/office building in St. Paul that will be “net-zero” by producing as much energy as it consumes. Contact St. Paul Port Authority.Over the past few years the concept of high-performance “net-zero” buildings has taken off globally in architectural and sustainability communities.
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Minneapolis suburb adopts student-endorsed plan to boost EVs, efficiency

Thanks to student activism, St. Louis Park, Minnesota, is backing up a carbon neutral pledge with an ambitious climate action plan. A Minneapolis suburb is moving forward with a climate action plan, thanks in part to the activism of high school students. Last month, the St. Louis Park City Council adopted a climate action plan, a more formal policy that follows a May 2016 resolution vowing to make the city carbon neutral by 2040.
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Frank Jossi

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My background includes reporting, editing, teaching and program managing an international press institute. As a volunteer I work for environmental organizations and serve on a neighborhood council.



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