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Frank Jossi

St. Paul-based Frank Jossi writes about renewable energy and energy policy, development, politics and the arts. I am a journalist, editor, educator and writer of articles, case studies, white papers, reports and other materials. In a pinch, I take photographs. My career includes teaching twice abroad on Fulbright scholarships and receiving a Humphrey Fellows from the University of Minnesota. For more information see


Sustainable: Aquifer project offers green energy model

Prospect Park may soon be the home of one of the largest projects ever built in the United States to heat and cool large buildings using underground aquifers. Test wells underway now should confirm the viability of employing an aquifer system for heating and cooling two apartments and one proposed office building in Towerside Innovation District, a 370-acre area north of University Avenue between the University of Minnesota and Highway 280.
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Leading By Example

At the U of M, combatting climate change is serious business and a top priority. Contractors finished installing solar panels on a steel canopy above a dull parking lot next to the University of Minnesota’s Law School in 2019. They covered an empty green space next to the parking lot and Mondale Hall’s rooftop with panels, making the multisite solar installation the largest on campus.
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Duluth looks to cut emissions through sharing more efficient building heat

The Minnesota city has made significant investments in its aging district energy system, adding natural gas boilers and replacing steam pipes with hot water loops. The city of Duluth, Minnesota, continues to lower emissions from downtown buildings as it expands a redesigned district heating system.
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How Minnesota Can Power a Greener, Cleaner Future

Drew and Karie Johnson live in a small 1921 bungalow on a leafy street in St. Paul’s Highland Park. Walk by their home, and nothing looks unusual compared to the rest of the neighborhood. Glimpse the couple’s backyard and basement, though, and. it’s abundantly clear this home operates differently than most.
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Sustainable: Preparing indoor air for employees’ return

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Solar project aims to deliver training and equity to North Minneapolis

A pioneer in Minnesota’s solar industry is attempting to replicate a green economic justice blueprint in the state’s largest African American community. Ralph Jacobson founded the solar firm Impact Power Solutions (IPS) in 1991 and was its CEO until 2019, when he shifted into a role focused on justice, equity, diversity and inclusion.
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Program run by retirees celebrates two decades of offering free energy audits

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Minneapolis program puts energy audits into hands of potential homebuyers

Minneapolis saw near-perfect compliance and few complaints during the first year of a new ordinance requiring energy audits prior to all home sales. The city’s residential energy benchmarking program generated more than 6,200 reports disclosing the conditions of windows, insulation and heating systems for prospective buyers and new owners.
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Grid congestion caps Minnesota town’s rooftop solar ambitions

The explosive growth of community solar projects to meet demand from Twin Cities customers is curtailing clean energy options in a southern Minnesota college town. Northfield, about 40 miles south of Minneapolis, is home to Carleton and St. Olaf colleges and around 20,000 residents, whose strong interest in clean energy is reflected in a solar adoption rate three times the state average.
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California clean fuel standard sparks renewable gas boom in Midwest

Twenty years ago, Holsum Dairies installed the first anaerobic digester in Wisconsin. Part of a combined heat and power system, the digester mixed cow manure with heat and bacteria to produce biogas that fueled a generator. It was a novel experiment at the time. The digester, and another the dairy installed a few years later, reduced the size of open lagoons of manure that release methane into the atmosphere.
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Heat pumps, already on the rise in rural Minnesota, get boost from new state law

Air source heat pumps are on the rise in rural Minnesota and utility officials expect momentum to grow as a result of the state’s new energy conservation law. The Minnesota Air Source Heat Pump Collaborative has identified rebates available to customers in nearly every utility territory ranging from $200 to $2,000.
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Sustainable: Attacking COVID with filtration technology

Fitness trainer Suzy Levi installed an IOS-Aire filtration system when she reopened her St. Paul studio at 25% capacity in June. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March, fitness trainer Suzy Levi closed her St. Paul studio and moved to virtual training for three months. Opening in June at 25% capacity, Levi phased in in-person, one-on-one training, then apparatus classes and finally in-person studio/online instruction.
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Frank Jossi

Here’s a summary of what I do:
Articles, profiles, stories for the media, in-house publications and web sites
Content for social media — Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin
Case Studies, including design and search engine optimization
White papers, including design and SEO
Marketing materials — brochures, web sites, themes
Media planning
Coverage areas: Health care information technology, general information technology, law, politics.

My background includes reporting, editing, teaching and program managing an international press institute. As a volunteer I work for environmental organizations and serve on a neighborhood council.



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